Midtown, November 2023



 Bright and Shiny NYC aims to bring out the joy and beauty in everyday living.
 I design gorgeous, fun, colorful, handmade stationery, party decor, and gifting accessories, to enhance your personal aesthetic. Through a print on demand process, I also offer a variety of bold, fresh and trendy high quality accessories, home goods, and stationery using my original ideas and artwork.
Bright and Shiny NYC is the independently owned company of New York City based graphic designer, photographer, and artist Tashika Futch. All artwork contained within this site is owned and copyrighted by Tashika Futch. You can contact me via the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Print on Demand


What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand is an order fulfillment process where graphics printing and product assembly occur AFTER, not before, the order is placed. This process allows a designer to create a collection without incurring excess production waste from unsold products, and without having to utilize physical storage space.

    *The print on demand order fulfillment process allows small businesses to grow and expand without excess overhead.*

Which Bright and Shiny NYC  items are printed on demand?

All products besides handmade items are print on demand


Okay, so how does ordering work?

Once a print on demand order is placed from Bright and Shiny NYC’s Printify print on demand shop, it is routed to the nearest fulfillment center to you for processing. The completed order is then packaged and shipped (or “drop shipped”) to you directly from the fulfillment center. Note: multiple items may arrive from different fulfillment centers.

*Bright and Shiny NYC sources from United States based companies for its products*

Everything’s made one at a time?!?!? So how long does it take to arrive?

In general, the print on demand process will take longer to receive than a mass made product. Your product is from a small business run by an independent artist, and is made especially for you, so please factor in turnaround times of 5 to 21 business days depending on the product and time of the year. Use the contact form below for questions regarding a specific product’s production time and shipping options.


Can I order in bulk?

Some items can be purchased in bulk. Use the contact form below for specific requests.

Is it environmentally friendly?

In addition to print on demand being inherently less wasteful than mass production, Bright and Shiny NYC endeavors to use the most eco-friendly materials and printing processes available, including locally sourced materials.

What is the Print on Demand Return Policy?

Bright and Shiny NYC encourages you to think before you buy! Damaged or misprinted items can be exchanged or returned for a full refund within 30 days after arrival, however, because print on demand orders are custom made, no other returns will be accepted. Returns are handled by the manufacturer. Please use the information included with your delivery receipt for return instructions.



Who handles handmade orders?

Handmade orders are processed through the Michael’s Makerplace platform. They are shipped directly from my studio.


What is the Handmade Return Policy?

Handmade items may be returned within thirty days for a full refund, and are handled through Michael’s. Please use the information included with your delivery receipt for return instructions.